Graduate School and Research Center in Digital Sciences

Collaboration types

How to collaborate with EURECOM

  • Through our students

    • Semester projects
    • Co-supervised internships
  • Through our doctoral students

    • CIFRE
    • Directly funded thesis
  • National Research Programme Frameworks

    • ANR projects
    • FUI Competitivity Cluster
  • European Research Programme Frameworks

    • H2020
    • FET
    • FIRE
    • CELTIC
    • NoE : Network of Excellence
  • CARNOT Institute and direct contracting with industry




  • EURECOM provides scientific and technical expertise as a partner.
  • EURECOM is the prime contractor of national and European projects.
  • EURECOM also brings its expertise in the deployment of experimental platforms in the service of research projects.
  • EURECOM is at the heart of Open Source software development for the scientific community
  • EURECOM contributes to the development of standards in the field of communications